Moving Pfsense to a new machine NEED YOUR INPUT!!!!

  • Hey guys,

    I am running pfsense 1.2.1 bsd7, on a dell peice of crap 800 mhz, 128mb mem, and the motherboard is crippling slowly with the errors I have been getting. I have many machines laying around the house, and I want to throw pfsense on a machine that I have laying around that has a 2.8 celeron with 1gb dd2 mem. YES I know this is overkill, but what why the hell not! My question is, I know BSD nativily detects hardware and auto configs your system for you, would it be cool if I just clone my hdd to a new hdd, pop it in my new machine, and use my same install? Or am I looking at complications? I really prefer not to do a reinstall, but I will if I need to. Please give me your honest opinion what I need to do.


  • I have done that, before it worked without issues.

    What I perfer to do is back my system up, run a base install then install the current verison that I was running.  I just restore my configuration and I was back up and running.

    Total time less that a hour.

  • yeah I would rather do that anyways…. when you backup config, does it save packages and packages that you have installed configs?

    Thanks for the help bro

  • I've done this plenty of times without a hitch.  My suggestions would be as follows:  Reboots completely optional assuming everything works for you without them, I have needed them in the past though.

    Backup current system
    Do a clean install on new machine
    ASSIGN INTERFACES - critical step
    Install required packages
    restore old config

  • Cool. Backup, and fresh install it is.

    Thanks for the input!

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