PfSense - OpenWRT - Guest WiFi - VLAN

  • I have my APU1D4 installed with pfSense 2.3.2
    On my TP Link Archer C5 I installed OpenWRT 15.05.1

    What I want to achieve is 2 wireless networks:

    1. normal wifi network connected to my LAN (trusted devices)
    2. guest wifi network separated from my LAN (untrusted devices)

    I guess this should be done with VLAN's.
    OpenWRT is capable of VLAN's.
    But I don't know how to set this up.
    I do have multiple SSID's setup already on OpenWRT (network and network-guest).

    I only have one cable connected from the pfSense box to my TP Link.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    From my recollection of vlan support in the 3rd party firmware there are requirements on the hardware you run it on.  While openwrt, dd-wrt support vlans I do not believe it is supported on all the different chipsets used in the different wifi routers.  Kind roll of the dice, etc.

    But if your tp link is supported then you would tag the ssid you want on a vlan, and then the port connected to pfsense would have either all tagged traffic for your different ssids or native untagged on 1 ssid or managment network and then tagged on your other ssids.

    Vs using hardware that such support could be hit or miss I would really suggest you save yourself some headache and buy hardware that you no supports vlans for different ssids and use switches that support it as well.  Unifi AP which can be had as low as $85 for the new gen AC models or like $65 for just their older N models and then you can pick up a smart switch for like $40 for sure that does vlans.

  • Hi John,

    Many thanks for your reply.
    I think I got it working now.
    Seems to be anyways.

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    glad to hear, you might want to share your setting here or on the openwrt forums or both for other users with the same hardware, etc.

  • Oh yes, I was already planning to do that.
    Going to write a little tutorial once I have tested everything.

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    If its good can get it added to the docs, but I would prob run it through forums first for comments.  There was a guide posted a while back that was just compete and utter garbage..  After some comments, I personally was not very kind ;) it got pulled finally.

  • Hehe!  :P
    I'll try to make it it a bit better than.

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