Placeholder carp in vsphere

  • I am sending two servers to a remote site.

    Each server has vsphere 5.5 installed.

    While testing, I was just using non routable ip's for the wan gateways.

    Failover was fine.

    For production, I have not been able to get our account rep to commit to a subnet change to support the required ip's.

    Is there any reason I can't use a separate pf vm to act as a dummy isp for the the two carp instances?

    I realize that the dummy vm then becomes the spof, but the goal is to get the system installed while I have someone on site, and have carp at least provide hardware failover protection now, and then switch to routable ip's later.

    If I no-nat the connections, then I'll have an extra routing layer, but no double nat.

    Will this work, or am I missing some key point?

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