IPsec using public IP addresses

  • Hi,

    I have to connect a VPN to another VPN, at a network I dont control, that only allow public (WAN) IP addresses.
    Please look at my network setup below:

    Lan Server1 –------ Router and VPN Gateway1 -------- |internet| -------- VPN Gateway2

    I have control over (Lan Server1) and (VPN Gateway1)
    The other gateway (VPN Gateway2) I have to connecto to using public IP addresses, I dont know why, but that is what I am told.

    Lan Server1 has the following IP address (LAN) (This is a public WAN addresses NAT'ed using 1:1 NAT to this server)

    VPN Gateway1 has teh following IP address

    This is what the owner of VPN Gateway2 has told me:
    Clients must use public IP addresses or be NAT'ed to a public IP address.

    I have successfully created an IPsec VPN tunnel between two pfSense gateways, but only using the LAN address, I have never tried setting it up using WAS addresses.

    I tested between two pfSense IPsec gateways by setting as local subnet on the local gateway and as remote subnet on the other. In the Status: IPsec I see a connection with a green arrow, but I can not get any connection of any kind between the two networks.

    I do not know if I am doing it right or if this even makes sense, so any help would be appreciated.

  • Nobody knows if it is possible to connect two servers with NAT'ed WAN addresses ?

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