New pfSense user, help with voip, adding 2851 cisco router

  • hello ,
                new to pfSense. this all started with me wanting to replace/find a better solution to an old cisco m20 valet plus router

    current setup is; 2.3.2-RELEASE (amd64) on dell poweredge 2950 - 2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU 5160 @ 3.00GHz  8gig memory & 6 x gigabit NICs

    comcast cable modem to pfSense WAN interface

    pfSense LAN interface to Cisco 3560 switch - switchport set to trunking, VLANS allowed, encapsulation dot1q

    Ruckus 7372 Access Point into the switch, same trunking setup

    and with this everything is working swimmingly.  pfsense is awesome, grc sheilds up portscan shows all stealth.

    what i could use help with as i am learning along the way, is adding a cisco 2851 router into the mix , and hooking up my voip phones to the call manager express in the 2851.  the phones are 7960, and 7920

    should pfsense handle the dchp for the phones, and then point the phones to the tftp and call manager on the 2851 router?  if so how to achive this, or is there a better way to acomplish this?>

    2851 router is into the switch , trunking, vlans allowed and encapsulation also setup

    should the router be set to a static IP? its getting an address on gig0/0 from pfsense dhcp

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