• I am trying to setup a pfsense box that will be used as a vpn concentrator (i understand that this will work).  I need to connect 4 sites via vpn tunnels.  Couple of questions.

    Do I need 4 WAN nics or can I do it with 1?  If I can do it with 1, any tutorials on this process?

    I am new to pfsense and need to get this up relatively quick.

    Looking forward to a favorable response.

  • Forget that four NIC stuff- that's crazy talk. You setup four tunnels just like you set up one- but four times. Each tunnel will be unique due to the endpoint being different. The sites will have different identifiers, so the 'concentrator' box knows how to setup the tunnels. If you can get one setup, you shouldn't have a problem with the others.
    There is an IPsec tutorial here:
    and the m0n0wall docs are also helpful, as the IPsec settings are similar:

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