Install with just LAN network to be a Web Proxy!

  • Hi guys,

    I would like to know if thats possible to install pfsense with just one network card and configure a lan ip on this.

    I want to use this pfsense only as web proxy using LDAP autentication to make the rules using my AD groups.

    But it askes for the WAN network at installation and i cant go on!

    Thanks buddies!

  • WAN or LAN doesn't matter

    NOTE: If only one NIC is assigned (WAN), This is called Appliance Mode. In this mode, pfSense will move the GUI anti-lockout rule to the WAN interface so the firewall may be accessed from there. The usual routing functions would not be active since there is no "internal" interface. This type of configuration is useful for VPN appliances, DNS servers, etc.

  • Thanks, I did sucessfully installed :)

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