PfSense CyberPower UPS auto shutdown

  • Hi Everyone,

    Just starting using pfSense and really enjoying it.  I currently have an ESXi box and a dedicated pfSense box.  I was wondering if anyone has experience with using a CyberPower UPS to auto shutdown a pfSense box automatically?  It looks like you can use the the NUT (Network UPS Tools) from the available packages.

    In my case I would like to connect my ESXi and pfSense box to a CyberPower UPS and use the PowerPanel Business Edition For Virtual Machines to auto shutdown both boxes.  But not sure if I can only connect one box to the CyberPower at a time via USB or will it be able to shut the pfSense box down via network?

    Anyone do this before?


  • I don't know of anything that is going to work with PowerPanel.

    However with regard to NUT, yes it supports CyberPower UPSs. With NUT you would connect the UPS to one of the systems via USB and treat the UPS as local (master), and the other system (or systems) would leverage the remote NUT protocol as a slave. All systems receive notification, perform shutdown, etc. This is a pretty common configuration.

    More information here:

  • Thanks for the reply dennypage!

    If this is the case then my solution connecting my ESXi box AND pfSense box to a CyberPower UPS may not work.  I think I need a USB connection to my ESXi box for the UPS to shutdown VMs.

    Thanks again!

  • I have no direct experience with this, however:

    bottom of the page.

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