DHCP for VLAN's - No Tab to Select VLAN

  • I'm currently using a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Pro.  I'm wanting to switch to a UniFi Security Gateway-Pro to be able to have router, switches, and WAP's configured under a single interface.

    Currently, the UniFi lineup doesn't support DHCP IP reservations without the client connecting first.  I can't reserve IP addresses before the client connects – only after, and clients that disconnect can't be deleted from a table/mapping list.

    Therefore, I want to use my pfSense server as a DHCP server.

    I've configured a test VLAN to setup.  1 is my main VLAN/untagged, 2 is for my smart TV's, 3 for guest WiFi, and 4 for my AT&T MicroCell.  None of the VLAN's should be able to talk to each other or access devices on the main network.  (The Samsung SmartTV's see all of my Sonos devices and lists them as input sources, which is why I isolate it from my main network.)

    When I click on the DHCP Server tab, I see a header for LAN.  I don't see the header for my VLAN2 (I haven't created the others until I get this sorted out).  I currently don't have DHCP enabled because I'm not wanting to do that until I get everything set up.

    Are the VLAN DHCP server tabs not enabled until you enable DHCP, or am I missing something here?  VLAN2 is enabled in the interfaces tab.

    I'm running pfSense 2.3.2.

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    Did you configure an IP address on the VLAN interface?

  • Yes I was able to figure it out. It should be labeled differently. I had chosen DHCP thinking that was the option to have the DHCP assign IP's. I thought static was to assign a single IP to a single device.

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    Labeled differently how?  When you click into an interface that you have just created.. There is

    IPv4 Configuration Type, with a dropdown - how would you think dhcp here would mean enable dhcp server??  Had you been drinking?? ;)

  • please help me how to setup this.. thank you

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    how to setup what??  You create a vlan, and then enable dhcp server on that vlan..  Confused as to how this is not just plain common sense.  You can enable dhcp server on any interface that is static IP and does not have dhcp relay enabled on it.

    So you create your vlan interface and then click the little box that says enable dhcp..

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