PPPOE problem (pfsense3)

  • Hello,

    I have cable ethernet network In this network i have AP (orinoco ap2000) with address PPPoE server is set to and he give IPs to client like etc..

    My PPPoE server works great - clients can login, they have internet, no disconnection - all works ok . They must login it of course via PPPoE [users don't have IP etc from DHCP - i disable it. Users must be in my MAC Access List but this is a weak security :( ]

    But…if any user set own IP/gateway/mask manually - at this moment this user have internet WITHOUT PPPoE (via normal wireless ethernet connection).

    The question is: How i may force users to use PPPoE - only way to access my WAN interface in router (pfsense) ? - That means - how i can cut standard IP connections from my wireless clients WITHOUT pppoe ?

    Additional question:
    PPPoE tunnel are encrypt in some way ? (whole transsmision, not only login/password). With PPPoE enabled i can WEP encryption disable ?

    Sorry for my english :/

    Please help me - I give more information if you want - please ask.

    Best regards from Poland


    ps. good work with pfsense - in my cable-eth network PFSENSE3 work great  (before this i have m0n0wall)

  • Try outbound NAT manually - only for
    PPPoE is not encrypted  tunneling -  encrypted is PPTP..

    Też pozdrawiam z Polski ;-)


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