Gateway Status / dpinger Questions

  • What do the various gateway statuses mean and how are the values derived? Is there a definition somewhere? I've been testing fixes for, noticing that gateway status does not always update consistently and that restarting dpinger sometimes helps, but not always.

    The statuses I've seen are offline, online, pending, unknown and packet loss. Without knowing anything about how pfsense has been implemented, I would think the meanings should be the following:

    offline: the interface has been released; the gateway is not operating
    online: the gateway is operating (properly)
    packet loss: the gateway way is operating, but not properly; it's losing packets
    pending: the interface has been renewed; the gateway is transitioning from offline to online
    unknown: it's not possible to determine the status because there is no communication with the gateway; maybe the process has been killed; this should only be displayed if there's a problem within pfsense

    Here is what I've noticed. Starting with the ipv4 and ipv6 gateways online, when releasing the wan interface, that the ipv4 gateway first shows packet loss, then changes to offline. That's what I would expect. For the ipv6 gateway, the status sometimes doesn't update properly. It shows the same RTT, RTTsd and packet loss as if the gateway is running, even though it's not. Where is dpinger getting these values from? If I restart dpinger, the gateway status for both gateways changes to unknown. Before I restarted dpinger, it knew the ipv4 gateway was offline and it was displaying values for the ipv6 gateway from somewhere, but now they are both unknown? I would think it should show offline, not unknown. This seems to be a problem.

  • Your IPv6 gateway is a HE tunnel, yes? This means that IPv6 will show as functional if there is any connectivity for the tunnel. In other words, if IPv4 is functioning, so is IPv6.

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