No internet connection ( Netgear 3800B ) (DMZ / NAT question )

  • Hi everyone. I am new to the pfSense scene and I really like the possibilities of it.
    Unfortunately, I don't seem to get it to work. I mean, pfSense is installed on my old P4 machine and all is up and running so far. That's nice.
    But I am trying to set it up like I will have it in my upcoming network configuration, so I can test everything properly.

    For now I have it piggy backed onto my standard VDSL Netgear 3800B router.

    My pfSense Box has two NICs.
    One (WAN) is connected to the router and the other one (LAN) is connected to a managed switch. I plugged my PC also into the switch, so I can have a different "pfSense-sub net" to test things.
    All of this runs on its own VLAN, but it doesnt matter, because I don't have anything else connected to this subnet.

    My main network is connected to its own managed switch, directly to the Netgear router.

    My main network is on 192.168.0.x and my pfSense network on 192.168.1.x

    Obviously the pfSense WAN interface gets an 192.168.0.x address assigned via DHCP.

    Now to my problem:
    Even though everything works like it is now, I tried to disable double NAT, so I turned it off on my Netgear router. It doesn't have a dedicated "bridged" option, but I guessed turning off NAT and the firewall should do the trick.

    Ho-Ho-Ho… it doesn't -.-

    I then disabled all ISP configurations. Rebooted everything multiple times. Tried manually to conenct the interface... Still nada.

    What's going on here? I'm suspecting it is the Netgears fault. But maybe I missed something?!

    The other question is:
    Is this even needed?

    A possible idea I want to realize is a DMZ for a webserver or different VMs in the future.
    So my initial thought was to let the Netgear do the ISP login and leave NAT and the firewall as it is.

    Then connect my DMZ machines to the Netgear and configure all port forwarding and such.

    The pfSense box connects just as it does right now.
    (picture attached below. Disregard the connections marked with a "?")

    I don't know how to set things up the right/best way. I'm afraid to mess things up and limiting the functionality of pfSense and the installed packages.

    Your help is much appreciated, thank you :)

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