Admins via extended LDAP query

  • Hello,

    I just upgraded from 2.2.6 to 2.3.2 this weekend. It's fantastic so far, except that the pfSense-Admins group that was assigning admin rights to AD users in the pfSense-Admin security group is no longer working. I thought it was a GUI issue when I was able to log in but not make changes as my AD account and created a post in the Web GUI forum:

    However, it became apparent that it was a User/LDAP issue when I could make the changes as local admin. I've tested the extended query against AD and it pulls successfully. When I use the diagnostics -> Authentication tool, it works only when I have unchecked the extended query option. As soon as I check it and paste in my query:

    memberOf=CN=pfSense-Admins,OU=Security Groups,OU=BusinessName,DC=domain,DC=local

    I get the Authentication failed message. This was working fine in 2.2.6, so I'm thinking something changed but I didn't see anything specific in the "Changes" doc. Any ideas?


  • Nevermind, just saw someone post this just below here:

    Watch out for the User - Config: Deny Config Write rule!

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