NUT pfsense 2.3 Driver Not Connected

  • I'm unable to setup Ups monitoring with the New NUT package for pfsense 2.3 . I've connected the APC BACKUPS PRO with the usb cable. My USB driver is usbhid. My configurations are

    MONITOR upslocal@localhost 1 ups password  master

    driver = apcsmart
    port = auto
    desc ="APC BACKUPS PRO"

    ups.user file
    password = password

    The error message in pfsense system log

    Poll UPS [upslocal] failed - Driver not connected

    I have google search but no luck.

  • The names and content of the config files are incorrect. The description says you are using a USB cable and that the driver is "usbhid", however the config file shows driver "apcsmart" which is a serial port driver rather than a USB driver. The ups name does not match the configuration either.

    This isn't a configuration that the pfSense NUT package will produce. Are you editing config files by hand?

    To configure your UPS, please go to Services / UPS / UPS Settings in the UI.

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