High Latency Suggestions and IPSEC link

  • I am tasked with connecting to a site (Cisco ASA 5505); however it is at a satellite connectivity (the remote site's connection).  It has a high latency of 700-900 ms.  What setting in the IPSEC can I modify / tweak that would help out this connection I need to establish.  We need to do MySQL database replication between sites daily.  I do not have an option to change the link at remote site.

  • Which result gives a trace route, i have never seen so high latency if the wan gateway is OK and/or the Hardware isn´t on high load!

  • Two reasons for this high latency - Nigeria and satellite link

  • any ideas or suggestions?  thx

  • What is the result of a Trace Route, i think one "next hop" isn´t OK. I have something like that between germany and russia (St. Petersburg) and that is an ISP Problem for example in Russia…... You cannot tweak ipsec parameters


  • One thing you can try is to dop a My SQL backupp to a file and the use a FTP client to push top a ftp server over the tunnel.  I  do that now.

  • Thanks, and I did suggest that to the SQL developer who I am assisting.  My suggestion was to create a DTS package is MySQL and FTP out to the MSSQL, then import that DTS package into MSSQL.  Not sure if MySQL has that capability.  I know that there is only a certain table that the developer needs to pull from MySQL into MSSQL - not entire database.  could you explain exactly how you do it and what methods or scripts helped you?  thanks.

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