[OpenBGPd] - Error in package scripts prevent use of both IPv4 and IPv6

  • Hi guys,

    The OpenBGPd-0.11_5 package has a bug when using both IPv4 and IPv6. The GUI has a single IPv4 field only to specify the "Listen on IP" address in the "settings" tab. When using both IPv4 and IPv6, TWO "Listen on IP" fields are necessary, one for IPv4 and other for IPv6.

    If one leaves the "Listen on IP" empty (to bind to all interfaces), the package script incorrectly sets the "Listen on IP" address of IPv6 config to "", causing an addres family invalid error (and BGPd service does not start). In the other hand, one put the IPv4 interface address in the "Listen on IP" field. The package script incorrectly copies the specified IPv4 address entered for IPv4 to IPv6 config, causing the same error again.

    In both cases, editing the config by hand in the "Raw config" tab solves the problem until other settings are changed in the "settings" tab, when the bug corrupts the config again and demands other manual edit.

    This behavior was noted in both pfSense 2.3.2 and former versions. it affects OpenBGPd 0.11_5 and earlier versions. I could file a bug for it, but I don't know how to do it.

  • Created Bug #6721 to track this. Thanks guys.

  • "Raw Config" is the best option.
    The Web Gui only works on simple environments.

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