Semi static ip for ipad and phone

  • I currently have an asus router running merlin firmware and have configured an OpenVPN client on the router.

    Default all traffic goes to WAN, not VPN because i have kids with ipads and tv's that all want to see Netflix and Netflix activily blocks vpn exit nodes.
    I have routed my ipad, phone, pc and nas to use VPN by making dhcp reservations in the router (standard easy functionality based on Mac). So when i'm at home my phone and ipad always get the same ip and are automaticly routed through vpn and when i arive at work my phone and ipad automaticly connect to the wireless network there.

    Turns out my router can't handle AES encryption good enough to do 100mbit but only 10mbit.
    I was advised to setup a pfSense box as my new router so i'm reading up on that now before buying the hardware. From what i read on several places pfSense won't let me make dhcp reservations within the dhcp pool. Correct me if i'm wrong but i think this would mean i need to give my ipad and phone a static ip and reconfigure it twice a day coming to work and coming back home. That would be an absolute dealbracker for me. Can anyone think of a solution for my situation that doesn't involve switching between static and dhcp twice a day on my phone and ipad?

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    What it means is if your pool is to 200 that your reservations would be .1 to 99 or 201 to 254 is all

    You can create multiple pools so you could have

    pool - 98, .99 IPad, .100 phone reservations, .101 - .254 as pool.

    What I can tell you for sure is the dhcp server features in pfsense are way beyond what is in the merlin firmware ;)

    You can not just call your pool .1 to .254 and then just pick IPs inside of that for reservations.  But you can break up the scope int multiple multiple pools to leave you ranges or individual IPs inside the scope.

    I doubt you have anywhere close to 250 some hosts that need dhcp anyway..  So you make your dchp scope size that covers you, then you have whatever is not in the pool to use for reservations.  For example my lan segment is but my pool for dhcp is only .210 to .239 I then have multiple reservations for devices, and also some that are just static I set on the devices directly that are not show there.

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