Problems integrating three network cards for the PCI ports on a Pf Sense server.

  • hi Every one,
    I have a 3rd card in a Slot PCI, that i want integrate to my Server PF Sense, but it isnt are as Valid Interfaces in the console PF Sense.
    Somebody help me.

    Is there any way preconfiguration console? Although the first two were recognized immediately.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If it's detected and a driver attaches, you still have to assign it under Interfaces > (assign). Find it in the list and click Add from there.

    If it doesn't show in the list, it's possible pfSense does not have a driver for that card/chip.

    Post the contents of /var/log/dmesg.boot and the output of "pciconf -lvb" and "ifconfig -a", there should be some trace of the card there.

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