DDNS and dnsimple is not updating pfSense GUI

  • Using DDNS and dnsimple on 2.3.2 I noticed that updates are not reflected in pfSense GUI. From what I can tell the request to dnsimple is done correctly and record is updated but the response is not accepted and 'Cached IP' display The log shows this.

    /services_dyndns_edit.php: phpDynDNS (example.com): PAYLOAD: {"record":{"id":123456,"domain_id":98765,"parent_id":null,"name":"pfsense","content":"","ttl":1800,"prio":null,"record_type":"A","system_record":false,"created_at":"2016-08-17T07:06:03.349Z","updated_at":"2016-08-17T20:21:48.190Z"}} 
    /services_dyndns_edit.php: phpDynDNS (example.com): (Unknown Response) 

    Anyone else notice the same issue? I am not 100% sure but iirc this issue was not present before summer.

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