Trying to use lcd screen on astaro 220

  • i was able to get lcd-proc installed on the pfsnse os.

    however im not sure as to what settings i should apply for use in a astaro 220

    ive searched the net and found conflicting information and after several hours of trial and error i have not got it to work.

    any suggestions?

    im running pfsense 2.3.2 i386 on a astaro 220

    so just a update i got it to work with the watch guard driver  on parallel port 1 2 rows 20 columns 8bit wiring lcdtime port speed default

    now i just cant get the back light to stay on any ideas? ive tried playing with all the back light settings and every time i change something and save it comes on for 10 seconds or so then off again.

    thanks again in advance!

  • Were you able to figure out how to keep the backlight on?

  • Netgate Administrator

    The SDECLCD driver is hardcoded to turn off the backlight after some time because the original screens that used it had limited backlight life.
    It is possible to recompile it without the timer enabled though.


  • Thank you for that link. I had to do some searching but I was able to change the driver and get it working. Now my display stays on. :)

    Now, I am trying to figure out the button mappings. In the LCDd.conf file shows the parameters but whatever I change there does not change the button assignments. Some of the buttons are working but not mapped correctly. Is there a utility that will output the label of the button when pressed?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Not really. If you're using the SDEC driver though they will be connected to the input pins on the parallel port. You could try reading the port directly.
    Probably easier to just try various combinations of the buttons specified by the driver until they line up.


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