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  • Hey, Im trying to setup a VPN in a specific way but I've never done it before. I want to route all traffic from a specific computer on my network through an IPSec VPN running on a VPS.

    This computer has a few game servers running on it, and SSH. I need to make it "host" through the VPN, kind of like a proxy. For example, if a client wants to connect to this server via SSH, and the SSH process is listening on port 2222 on my home server, they would connect with the VPS_IP:2222, and the traffic would go through the VPS, to the home server itself.

    I need it so that only this 1 machine on the network routes through the VPN, and that the VPN is isolated from the rest of the network for security reasons.

    It would go kind of like this:

    (Client [Connecting to VPS IP:1234]) –------- [Game server traffic] –--------- (VPS PROXY) ----- [VPN on PFSENSE] –---- (Server at home running game server on port 1234)

    Would it be possible for me to add this IPSec VPN to pfsense, and force all traffic from this one machine on the network through the VPN?

    Thanks :)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The only way to accomplish that is to have a Phase 2 entry that looks like:

    Local Network: Address, <server ip="" address="">Remote Network:

    And the other end would have the opposite settings. Then anything/everything to/from that server that passes through the firewall will be sent over the VPN

    I have to say though, hosting a game server on the other side of a VPN is going to be awful for latency. That isn't likely to give you good performance, though I suppose that depends on the game.</server>

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