Traffice shaping tard

  • Hey guys the pfsense is running with out issues so i thought that i should make some.

    heres the situation. i have a freenas sitting inside the main netowkr pfsense1

    i also have one sitting offsite pfsense2

    i have a openvpn tunnel (site2site) running very well cant belive that the ISP hasnt been meddeling with my stuff.

    can i use the TS to cut back the bandwidth for the offsite syncros? right now it will max the pipe 2mb upload when it is syncing to the offsite.

    i have read up and tryed to adjust the peneltys port 1194, ip and then alias and it really didnt help. is this even possible?

    tanks guys sorry that i have to ask this again


  • With the 1.2* shaper you can't shape traffic inside a tunnel (IPSEC or OpenVPN). You can give higher priority to the entire tunnel, but you can't shape traffic inside of it because it's encrypted and pfsense cannot match these packets to your rules.
    The new shaper in 1.3 can shape IPSEC traffic, so I guess OpenVPN traffic as well.
    Check the bounty thread about the shaper to be sure. You can pledge to the bounty and get access to the shaper on 1.2*, or wait until 1.3 stabilizes and use that instead.

  • Great thats what i thought too. i am not lookin to do a "in tunnel" shape, just the overall tunnel to get a throttle on how much of the pipe it can use. right now it is hogging all of my upload. it is cool to see but a real pain in the rear.  Thanks Guys!

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