Unable to minotor Web Access

  • Hi,

    I'm wondering if I can monitor web access on my per hosts on dansguardian using lightsquid.

    I already installed the lightsquid package but on the report that it generated, it only generates report from the IP address of my gateway's LAN interface that my hosts will be monitored.

    Also, I have a Squid Proxy package installed. My all hosts proxy port is assigned a dasguardian listening port. So when I change the Proxy port of my host to be monitored from the Dansguardian to the Port of Squid Proxy an additional report will be generated on the lightsquid report.

    Now why cant I have the generated report from lightsquid when the assigned port on my host is the dansguardian port, but it generates when it was changed to squid proxy port.


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