Block DHCP broadcasts

  • I've had allot of problems this morning with a 2nd dhcp server which wasn't suppose to be in my lan network.

    For some reason some of my clients were getting a lease from the dhcp server in the 192.x range (vmware server..)

    How is this possible?? The vmware server has one network card which is bridged to our 10.x lan network.

    The vmware clients on this machine are set-up as host only with an ip of 192.x (the server has a 2nd virtual nic with 192.x). For some reason traffic from the 192.x range got into the 10.x range.

    Is there a method of blocking traffic (Including dhcp servers and broadcasts) between these two subnets/ip ranges? Not possible without vlanning right? Since it's layer 2 broadcast.

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