Is this setup correctly?

  • Hi Guys,

    I would like to know if these shapers are setup correctly. Please see screenshots. For best ping when using Teamspeak Etc

    I don't want my ping to go through the roof when gaming, if someone starts playing youtube or downloading.

    Any help would be most appreciated


  • Nobody will really be able to tell based just on those screens.  Try it and see if it works as you intend it to.

    Protip: you can embed images directly without having to link to them externally. Just below the edit window, you will see an Attachments and other options control.  Click it open and then Attach - Choose file.

  • I tested it and the ping went up by 10-20ms. is that normal?

    Teamspeak is set to higher priority then http. when I started a http download.

    I have set the download speed to lower then I get so it queues on my pfsense box.

    Thats the correct way right?

  • based on what you're showing it looks correct and the correct general pattern. Expectations of how much ping goes up is set by several things. 1) How stable your connection's bandwidth is in millisecond windows 2) How much bandwidth you're provisioned 3) What technology you're using to connect to your ISP 4) How effective CBQ is as maintaining latency while distributing bandwidth

    I definitely question #4.

    To quote some research papers

    Adequate bandwidth allocations and strict delay requirements are critical for real time applications. Packet scheduling algorithms like class based queue (CBQ), nested deficit round robin (nested-DRR) are designed to ensure the bandwidth reservation function. However, they might cause unsteady packet latencies and introduce extra application handling overhead, such as allocating a large buffer for playing the media stream. High and unstable latency of packets might jeopardize the corresponding quality of service since real-time applications prefer low playback latency.

    One paper claimed CBQ had upwards of 15ms of queuing delay, which lines up with your issue.

    I recommend HFSC is you really want to control your latency. CBQ is more about controlling your bandwidth.

  • Thanks Harvy66,

    I changed it now and its more stable.

    Not sure why this happens though ping randomly spikes when a video stream or download is started for about 5-10 seconds, after that it's fine. Do I need to change anything?

    See attachment, as you can see my pings high and its not using all my connection. I have a 37/2 connection which I limited in pf to 36/1.5

    ICMP is on the qOthersHigh

  • Try checking the "Codel Active Queue" box in your queues.

  • Afternoon Harvy66,

    I look at all my rules and "Explicit Congestion Notification" was the only one ticked.

    Which rules should I tick "Codel Active Queue" on?

  • Not on "rules" on your queues. I'm pretty sure rules don't give you that option. I'd just do them all. CoDel is pretty nice as long as you have at least 1Mb/s of bandwidth.

  • Thanks Harvy66,

    The ping of my Teamspeak and Pinging Google is staying a lot lower now.

    Thanks for the your help.

    Ping looks like this now, (See Screenshot) Done while downloading 1GB Bin. on my 37/2 connection

    Many Thanks

    EDIT: Watching a youtube video and its unless stable, very odd. See second screenshot

    I noticed it says 40mbps but the queue is limited to 36864

    ![lower ping.PNG](/public/imported_attachments/1/lower ping.PNG)
    ![lower ping.PNG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/lower ping.PNG_thumb)
    ![youtube ping.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/youtube ping.png)
    ![youtube ping.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/youtube ping.png_thumb)

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