1pfsens 6 remote routers

  • Hello

    in first place I'd like to thank you all for the attention.

    I have a pfsense hosted at transip. Latest 2.3.2. The all goal for this is to use 6 ipsec tunnels. For some reason I can only have one working.

    Phase one (all six tunnels)
    Main Mode

    • AES 256 MD5 G2


    My IP  / Peer IP

    Phase two (all six tunnels)

    • AES128 SHA1

    Same shared key for all six.

    On the remote sites ( 6 drayteks 2830 ) the settings match phase 1 and 2. Several times checked.

    What happens:

    1st tunnel gets up, no issues but some drops but not relevant for this moment.

    All remaining tunnels return errors like if there were mismatches on shared key and never get to establish phase 2.

    Another weird aspect is the fact that the earlier referred drops only happen when I have more than one tunnel enabled on the pfsense. If I disable the others, the connections is 100% stable.


    pfsense on a public unrestricted Ip address
    remote routers also with fixed IP ISP unrestricted service

    I wonder if someone here is experiencing the same kind of issues.


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