Disk Usage at 100%

  • Hello,

    I'm the tech guy running pf Sense for filtering at home:

    My disk usage is 100% and would like keep it low.
    I've uninstalled most packages and brought it down to 99%. Only after I was able to update kernel from 2.31_5 to 2.3.2-RELEASE (amd64)

    Tried to clear all the logs but no luck.

    Need help since I am novice with linux based os.

    My mSSD is only 12GiB.
    Filesystem                    Size    Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on
    /dev/ufsid/553c1ba07ee81fd8    11G    9.7G    59M    99%    /
    devfs                          1.0K    1.0K      0B  100%    /dev
    /dev/md0                      3.4M    100K    3.0M    3%    /var/run
    devfs                          1.0K    1.0K      0B  100%    /var/dhcpd/dev

    du -sh *    shows this and I dont see any large files.

    4.0K apple-touch-icon.png
    8.0K bandwidth_by_ip.php
    88K classes
    8.0K crash_reporter.php
    32K csrf
    2.0M css
    12K diag_arp.php
    8.0K diag_authentication.php
    28K diag_backup.php
    16K diag_command.php
    12K diag_confbak.php
    8.0K diag_defaults.php
    12K diag_dns.php
    12K diag_dump_states.php
    8.0K diag_dump_states_sources.php
    12K diag_edit.php
    16K diag_gmirror.php
    8.0K diag_halt.php
    4.0K diag_ipsec_xml.php
    4.0K diag_limiter_info.php
    12K diag_nanobsd.php
    8.0K diag_ndp.php
    16K diag_packet_capture.php
    4.0K diag_pf_info.php
    8.0K diag_pftop.php
    8.0K diag_ping.php
    8.0K diag_reboot.php
    8.0K diag_resetstate.php
    8.0K diag_routes.php
    16K diag_smart.php
    8.0K diag_sockets.php
    8.0K diag_states_summary.php
    4.0K diag_system_activity.php
    12K diag_system_pftop.php
    12K diag_tables.php
    12K diag_testport.php
    8.0K diag_traceroute.php
    8.0K easyrule.php
    4.0K favicon.ico
    4.0K fbegin.inc
    4.0K fend.inc
    4.0K filebrowser
    16K firewall_aliases.php
    36K firewall_aliases_edit.php
    12K firewall_aliases_import.php
    20K firewall_nat.php
    12K firewall_nat_1to1.php
    20K firewall_nat_1to1_edit.php
    40K firewall_nat_edit.php
    12K firewall_nat_npt.php
    8.0K firewall_nat_npt_edit.php
    24K firewall_nat_out.php
    28K firewall_nat_out_edit.php
    36K firewall_rules.php
    68K firewall_rules_edit.php
    12K firewall_schedule.php
    36K firewall_schedule_edit.php
    12K firewall_shaper.php
    8.0K firewall_shaper_queues.php
    16K firewall_shaper_vinterface.php
    8.0K firewall_shaper_wizards.php
    16K firewall_virtual_ip.php
    20K firewall_virtual_ip_edit.php
    4.0K foot.inc
    8.0K getserviceproviders.php
    4.0K getstats.php
    16K graph.php
    12K graph_cpu.php
    36K guiconfig.inc
    28K head.inc
    32K help.php
    4.0K ifstats.php
    16K includes
    20K index.php
    124K interfaces.php
    20K interfaces_assign.php
    8.0K interfaces_bridge.php
    24K interfaces_bridge_edit.php
    8.0K interfaces_gif.php
    12K interfaces_gif_edit.php
    8.0K interfaces_gre.php
    12K interfaces_gre_edit.php
    8.0K interfaces_groups.php
    8.0K interfaces_groups_edit.php
    8.0K interfaces_lagg.php
    12K interfaces_lagg_edit.php
    8.0K interfaces_ppps.php
    40K interfaces_ppps_edit.php
    8.0K interfaces_qinq.php
    12K interfaces_qinq_edit.php
    8.0K interfaces_vlan.php
    12K interfaces_vlan_edit.php
    8.0K interfaces_wireless.php
    8.0K interfaces_wireless_edit.php
    44K js
    16K license.php
    8.0K load_balancer_monitor.php
    12K load_balancer_monitor_edit.php
    8.0K load_balancer_pool.php
    16K load_balancer_pool_edit.php
    8.0K load_balancer_setting.php
    8.0K load_balancer_virtual_server.php
    12K load_balancer_virtual_server_edit.php
    8.0K logo-black.png
    4.0K logo.png
      0B nginx
    16K nginx-dist
    12K pfs-mini.png
    24K pkg.php
    44K pkg_edit.php
    12K pkg_mgr.php
    24K pkg_mgr_install.php
    12K pkg_mgr_installed.php
    4.0K restart_httpd.php
    20K rrd_fetch_json.php
    48K services_captiveportal.php
    12K services_captiveportal_filemanager.php
    8.0K services_captiveportal_hostname.php
    8.0K services_captiveportal_hostname_edit.php
    8.0K services_captiveportal_ip.php
    12K services_captiveportal_ip_edit.php
    12K services_captiveportal_mac.php
    12K services_captiveportal_mac_edit.php
    28K services_captiveportal_vouchers.php
    12K services_captiveportal_vouchers_edit.php
    8.0K services_captiveportal_zones.php
    8.0K services_captiveportal_zones_edit.php
    52K services_dhcp.php
    28K services_dhcp_edit.php
    8.0K services_dhcp_relay.php
    40K services_dhcpv6.php
    12K services_dhcpv6_edit.php
    8.0K services_dhcpv6_relay.php
    20K services_dnsmasq.php
    8.0K services_dnsmasq_domainoverride_edit.php
    12K services_dnsmasq_edit.php
    8.0K services_dyndns.php
    16K services_dyndns_edit.php
    8.0K services_igmpproxy.php
    8.0K services_igmpproxy_edit.php
    16K services_ntpd.php
    12K services_ntpd_acls.php
    20K services_ntpd_gps.php
    8.0K services_ntpd_pps.php
    8.0K services_pppoe.php
    20K services_pppoe_edit.php
    8.0K services_rfc2136.php
    12K services_rfc2136_edit.php
    20K services_router_advertisements.php
    12K services_snmp.php
    20K services_unbound.php
    12K services_unbound_acls.php
    20K services_unbound_advanced.php
    8.0K services_unbound_domainoverride_edit.php
    12K services_unbound_host_edit.php
    12K services_wol.php
    8.0K services_wol_edit.php
    12K shortcuts
    12K shortcuts.inc
    4.0K squid_clwarn.php
    4.0K squid_log_parser.php
    12K squid_monitor.php
    12K squid_monitor_data.php
    4.0K stats.php
    16K status.php
    12K status_captiveportal.php
    8.0K status_captiveportal_expire.php
    8.0K status_captiveportal_test.php
    8.0K status_captiveportal_voucher_rolls.php
    8.0K status_captiveportal_vouchers.php
    12K status_carp.php
    20K status_dhcp_leases.php
    20K status_dhcpv6_leases.php
    8.0K status_filter_reload.php
    8.0K status_gateway_groups.php
    8.0K status_gateways.php
    8.0K status_graph.php
    4.0K status_graph_cpu.php
    12K status_interfaces.php
    20K status_ipsec.php
    8.0K status_ipsec_leases.php
    8.0K status_ipsec_sad.php
    8.0K status_ipsec_spd.php
    12K status_lb_pool.php
    8.0K status_lb_vs.php
    8.0K status_logs.php
    36K status_logs_common.inc
    16K status_logs_filter.php
    16K status_logs_filter_dynamic.php
    12K status_logs_filter_summary.php
    20K status_logs_settings.php
    16K status_logs_vpn.php
    8.0K status_mail_report_add_graph.php
    44K status_monitoring.php
    12K status_ntpd.php
    12K status_openvpn.php
    8.0K status_pkglogs.php
    12K status_queues.php
    4.0K status_rrd_summary.php
    8.0K status_services.php
    8.0K status_upnp.php
    8.0K status_wireless.php
    20K system.php
    20K system_advanced_admin.php
    32K system_advanced_firewall.php
    24K system_advanced_misc.php
    12K system_advanced_network.php
    16K system_advanced_notifications.php
    12K system_advanced_sysctl.php
    28K system_authservers.php
    20K system_camanager.php
    36K system_certmanager.php
    20K system_crlmanager.php
    8.0K system_gateway_groups.php
    12K system_gateway_groups_edit.php
    12K system_gateways.php
    32K system_gateways_edit.php
    16K system_groupmanager.php
    12K system_groupmanager_addprivs.php
    12K system_hasync.php
    12K system_routes.php
    12K system_routes_edit.php
    8.0K system_update_settings.php
    8.0K system_user_settings.php
    32K system_usermanager.php
    12K system_usermanager_addprivs.php
    8.0K system_usermanager_passwordmg.php
    12K system_usermanager_settings.php
    16K tree
    4.0K uploadconfig.php
    2.8M vendor
    24K vpn_ipsec.php
    8.0K vpn_ipsec_keys.php
    8.0K vpn_ipsec_keys_edit.php
    24K vpn_ipsec_mobile.php
    36K vpn_ipsec_phase1.php
    32K vpn_ipsec_phase2.php
    16K vpn_ipsec_settings.php
    12K vpn_l2tp.php
    8.0K vpn_l2tp_users.php
    8.0K vpn_l2tp_users_edit.php
    32K vpn_openvpn_client.php
    24K vpn_openvpn_csc.php
    52K vpn_openvpn_server.php
    28K vpn_pptp.php
    8.0K vpn_pptp_users.php
    8.0K vpn_pptp_users_edit.php
    332K widgets
    28K wizard.php
    320K wizards
    20K xmlrpc.php

  • The command run in /usr/local/www
    du -sh /*

  • Thanks a lot RonpfS!

    I've found the culprit thanks to you!

    8.4G /var/squid/logs/cache.log

    Can I just delete it since I disabled "Enable Access Logging" under squid settings?
    Or is there a better way? Like enabling log rotation or uninstalling it first.


    After searching online for some suggestions:
    I tried to reinstall and uninstall squid but cache.log stayed no mater what

    Now I killed web access to my pfsense box with the following command:

    rm -rf /var/squid/logs/ *

    Now it shows 403 Forbidden and below nginx instead of login webpage.
    Network seems to be working fine though.

    Need more help.

  • Rebel Alliance

    You had a whitespace (" ") between /var/squid/logs and * which means you deleted the directory you were in.

    If this was /usr/local/www (you can check with "pwd") that can be fixed with

    "tar -C / -xvf /usr/local/share/pfSense/base.txz usr/local/www"
    "mkdir /var/squid/logs && chown squid:proxy /var/squid/logs"

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