How Long Should an Upgrade Take?

  • Running pfSense 2.2.6 on amd64  Trying to upgrade to pfSense 2.3.2 CE.  At 30 minutes now with little seeming to happen.  My screen shows

    Downloading updates….
    pfSense is now upgrading.

    The firewall will reboot once the operation is completed.

    Looks like a progress meter above "Downloading updates..." that isn't moving.

    How long do I wait?  Should I see any more status messages on the screen?


  • Update:  The upgrade to 2.3.2 seems to have only take a few minutes, but my screen never refreshed telling me pfSense was rebooting or any other information.    After about 45 minutes, I logged into the command line and the prompt reported


    I rebooted and all seems well.  Kind'a scary looking at a screen with nothing happening and wondering when to abort or try something else.


  • New GUI gives more information, so your issue should be resolved.

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