Squidguard sgerror.php

  • when i blacklist something such as all ip addresses and use internal error redirection then try ot go to a blacklisted ip the page i get states

    The requested URL could not be retrieved
    While trying to retrieve the URL: 
    The following error was encountered: 
    Connection to Failed 
    The system returned: 
        (92) Protocol errorThe remote host or network may be down. Please try the request again. 
    Your cache administrator is ...
    Generated Wed, 20 Aug 2008 13:02:12 GMT by ... (squid/2.6.STABLE21) 

    should it not state that this page has been blocked by squidguard blacklists or something?

  • This is the usual error page from squid. If you want something more fancy, you can create your own error page and redirect to that.

  • when i went to the default tab and select the default redirect textbox and entered

    401 Unauthorized Access to URL for client [n]

    it still takes me to the same sgerror.php with the same message and not the new message…

    i applied changes and tried restarting squidguard and no luck

  • The sgerror.php not worked with https GUI. This old problem. You can use external redirection (ext error page).

  • ok i did default redirect as
 Unauthorized Access to URL [u] for client [n]
    and redirect mode: external as found http 302 code
    and when i apply changes the blocked sites that normally are blocked stopped being blocked.
    when i went back to internal and deleted the default redirect and applied changes the websites went back to being blocked....

  • reinstalled squidguard package and configuration file changed

    when i try to get it to redirect to Unauthorized Access to URL for client [n]

    it just allows the block website through

  • it seems it will sucessfully redirect to anything except my firewall ip sgerror.php page

    if it points to the lan ip it allows the blocked website through, if it points to msn.com it blocks it stating msn.com's content on the page

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