NOOB Questions - DHCP & hardware - prior to building pfSense box

  • Folks,

    Hope someone can answer these questions.

    I'm wanting to improve my home networks security and realize my four year old consumer router doesn't offer much more than basic security.

    First though I guess it would be good to set up the pfSense box to behave like the router in the network already. It's a NetGear (hope mentioning brands is OK).

    One thing that is set in the old router is that all the devices that connect have a static IP. I've read some posts here and some of the docs but could not find if there were any limits on the numbers of static IP's that pfSense could be set for. There are about thrity five different things that need IP's and the old router could handle that many with it's static table.

    After getting the pfSense box to work like the old router, it would be nice to explore some of the other features as vlans, tighter security and so forth.

    On vlans can pfSense also have static IP's?

    Was thinking like 192.168.11.x for like IoT, 192.168.12.x for guests WiFi, 192.168.13.x for game consoles as some of them need some settings PS3/xBox/Wii, 192.168.14.x for kids, 192.168.15.x for the adult side. I would want subnet isolation on some of them too as I certainly don't want the guest WiFi to be able to talk across the entire network, yet still want the kids and adults to be able to print to the only printer. We do have some tablets, Windows and Linux computers, so hopefully I can work through a pfSense setup and build.

    Hardware I plan to use would be a 3ghz duo core proc, 4 gig of RAM, 120g SSD, with a 4 port Intel based nic. Hopefully that would be enough of a system, so game consoles can be played, NetFlix watched, and other general surfing at the same time, with out problems, as we are beginning to experience some buffering and lags with the old router. Or do I need more of something, and if so what?

    Will pfSense be able to do this? From what I've read I believe it can.

    Hope I have made this clear enough, though maybe not

    I see that is five vlans and apparently will need a smart switch to for vlan trunks for a couple of them.

    Your help and guidance is appreciated.



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