Issues with IPSec VPN between PFSense and Juniper SRX

  • Hello guys,

    I have a bizzar issue!, basically I have rented / purchased a server in a datacenter to host my "cloud backups".

    I have a virtual VM configured and installed the current version of PFSENSE on VMWARE 6.0 (at the datacenter)

    At home I have a Juniper SRX 110 configured with an IPSec VPN to the PFSense, the PFsense box sends the connection to the Juniper.

    Since the setup of the configuration I am having bizzar issues with the VPN connection. The Phase one connects fine IKEv2 and pre-shared key authentication is fine.

    The Phase two connects and works fine and the connection drops, This causes the IKEv2 to redail and connect but the phase 2 wont connect.

    I have seen errors the Receive proposal is wrong (but nothing has changed) The error typically shows it is wanting 3des / SHA1 96 but is seeing AES128 and SHA1 96.

    At this point if I drop the IKEv2 or reboot the pfsense the next time it connects fine or if I change the configuration to match it works fine.

    But today I am seeing issues where it is configured to use 3des / SHA1 and is seeing the proposal data on both end the same but is throwing a wobble and is saying no acceptable proposal found.



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