• Hi, i need configure pfsense for use vlan, my scheme is WAN (etho) LAN (eth1) DMZ (eth2) also i have a switch TrendMicro TEG-424WS, is posible create the vlan's with the LAN card, i see that used the LAN but in my case not work, when configured my switch not assign ip for pc in the vlan, Please help me. be wrong settings on my switch? someone could give me a clue as to know whether it is on the switch, because the test is the pfsense is conect to the LAN card to port 1 of the switch and VLAN is configured on port 12 and in this connect the pc to try but not assign iP.

    as recognized by the pfsense that the port 12 belongs to the vlan-students?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well is your switch config.

    If your going to put a vlan on your lan interface (eth1) then what is the ID of this vlan?  You configured that switch port to carry that vlan tagged.. What is the native or untagged vlan on the port for your normal "lan" network?

    So does your dmz also connect into this switch?

    But sure lets call your lan network using vlan 1, which is common default vlan for managment/data etc..  Then you create a vlan 100.. So switch port connected to eth1 would have untagged or native vlan 1, with tagged vlan 100.  Then if you wanted some device on your network to be in this vlan 100 that switch port would be configured for untagged or native vlan 100 and that is it.

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