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  • Hi, I'm new to pfsense, just followed an article's how to, setup pfsense in a vm, configured interface, and created rules for incoming and outgoing. Unfortunately, I'm still unable to browse outside. Client is receiving the LAN IP from the pfsense server but not sure what Im missing.

    Just an update this afternoon, the pfsense server is able to ping and tracert to any sites, except for the client pc's


  • You've provided exactly zero details so I'm not sure how anyone is supposed to help you.  Could be DNS, could be you've specified a gateway for LAN, could be the Sun and the Moon…

    Post some screenshots of your WAN config, LAN config and firewall rules.

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    While I find it hard to believe its solar flares or something, the gravity ways of the moon also highly unlikely ;)

    I am with KOM all the way here, without any details have no clue to what your doing wrong..

    What article did you try and follow, what vm software.  Out of the box there is no reason to configure any rules default is any any.. So any client would be able to do anything it wanted out to the internet, pfsense would nat it to its wan IP and allow the traffic.

    For all we know your using the same rfc1918 network on pfsense wan as your using on lan..  As to pinging client..  Can client ping pfsense lan IP?

    Really need something more to work with than its broke.

    user:  My car is broke
    mech: And what is doing or not doing?
    user: Its red
    mech: WTF?? Rolleyes…

  • @KOM
    Do you remember when you were a computer novice or novice at anything? Surely you asked vague questions. The reply is mostly flippant and non responsive.

    Your response is better, though the car broke part added absolutely nothing to helping solve the question.

    We were all once novices at everything and asked questions that experienced users just took for granted that they felt we SHOULD have known. How did it make us feel when that happened to us?

    Thought the forums were to be helpful to all.

    Sorry I can't help you with your problem, I too am a novice with pfSense. Hopefully someone somewhere will be able to help.

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    Your post provides nothing to the conversation either..

    The problem here is not that he is a novice at pfsense or networking or vm software..  The problem here is how to ask a freaking question..  Is the poster 5 years old..  Did he read his post?  With what information provided could anyone even god of networking could do without specifics?  The point of my car and mechanic analogy!

    Clearly the OP has had to take a car to a mechanic, explain to someone somewhere that something isn't working - never been to the doctor.. When you go to the doctor because your not feeling right and the doctor asks you whats wrong do you just stare at him and say thats your job to find out??

    More than happy to help the newb of the noobies.. And explain it so a 2nd grader will get it if need be - but there is nothing can do without some information.

  • @jepoytengco:

    Just an update this afternoon, the pfsense server is able to ping and tracert to any sites, except for the client pc's

    …which leads me to believe that at least part of the problem is with your WAN connection. Beyond that, I can't say unless you can give more information as has already been suggested. Relevant details would be your LAN and WAN addresses, how you're connected to the internet (upstream router address, etc), DNS settings, VLAN information (if any). Some screenshots of the relevant config pages wouldn't go amiss either.

  • Do you remember when you were a computer novice or novice at anything?

    Configuring a routing firewall isn't something for novices, and you don't need to be an expert to know enough to provide some relevant information to help solve your problem.  We're not dentists here, and we shouldn't have to pull details like we're yanking a bad tooth.

    The reply is mostly flippant and non responsive.

    Bullshit.  I chastised him for not providing any details, and then gave him some suggestions and then told him what to post to help more help, so bugger off OK?  We take time out of our lives to try and help people, and we don't need to be lectured by some 4-post Johnny-come-lately.

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    ^ hehehe, dok is that you using the handle KOM now ;)  Oh I miss dok's straight no nonsense sort of responses.. This post reminded me how refreshing blunt and to the point honesty can be.. Applaud and Thank You for such a great response…

    You forgot to mention this novice is also trying to do it via virtualization, which add complexity to the mix as well.  He didn't even mention what vm system, esxi/vsphere, workstation/player, hyper-v, virtualbox, xen?  etc. .etc..

    Didn't even point out what article he was reading, for all we know some nonsense youtube video some idiot put up about version 1.x of pfsense, etc.

  • Guys, apologies for the lack of info. It's just that I lost focus in trying to figure the issue since this was a rush project but luckily in the middle of my overtime research, I've found the solution. Apologies for the initial post, though I know in asking for assistance, I should've provided more details. Ok, here what happens.

    I've  setup pfsense for the first time, followed an article in setting it up. I was successful and setup internal and external IP's

    What happened was in the middle of the setup, I've discovered that the only thing that reaches the internet was the pfsense server as I used diagnostics. So this shortened my troubleshooting by focusing on the "firewall rules"

    Later I've discovered that when I created the rule, it was set to TCP instead of any for the moment since I was doing troubleshooting. After that everything went online.

  • Guys, I admit it's my fault for not providing enough details for people to help me. Let's just move on and continue learning the product. I kind of like pfsense especially since it's frree :)

    Though its a total change of environment since I've been using appliance firewall before but a good change for using a software based fw.

    Thanks and Have a great day ahead.

  • Glad to hear you got it working.  I wasn't having the best day when I posted that reply to DGordon, and getting complained at when I try to provide free help in my spare time day after day for years is discouraging.

  • nah KOM, we IT guys always encounters bad days, haha…lets try to research more of the product and share more of what we've experienced, haha.


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