Modify config.xml via a php files

  • Hello,

    I totally newbie of dev for pfsense. I try the developed a page that modify automaticly the local user's password of capitveportal.

    I try to use the simplexml_load_file() command without success. Is a function integrated of pfsense to modify the xml config file?

    Thanks in advance


    Ok I found the solution.

    Now I have just a small problem : How I can send an email via pfsense?

  • I've recently tried to figure out how to send a email from pfSense.
    So fare I can send using nullmailer's sendmail from a php page
    As a side note nullmailer does not support gmail smtp. ssmtp and esmtp does but they don't have a there own sendmail.

  • I use PHPMailer to send email in PHP. It is a native PHP class. It can either send email directly or send the email to an email server to do the delivery. It even has a alternate mail server option in case one of the external mail servers is down. It is the tool that can do anything you need with email from PHP. I is license under the LGPL.

  • It might help to provide a link:

  • PHPMailer works great but I've read that it is no longer in active development.

    I found another alternative.
    The license is lgpl.

    Features are:
        * Persistent connectivity improves performance
        * Connection types selected by user - extendable
        * Complete header control with RFC 2822 requirements handled
        * Internationalization support (i18n)
        * Connection redundancy support
        * Load balancing and/or throttling support
        * SSL & TLS Support - for Gmail servers
        * Embedded images or other file types
        * Full MIME 1.0 library included (create multipart messages, attachments etc)
        * Batch mail processing
        * Smart runtime caching (in small, self-maintained packets)
        * Send attachments of any size even with PHP's 8MB Memory Limit
        * Support for multiple attachments
        * Lossless protection against header injection (encode, don't strip)
        * Set message priority
        * Request read receipts
        * Pluggable SMTP authentication (LOGIN, PLAIN, MD5-CRAM, POP Before SMTP)
        * Anti-flooding support for servers with limits on emails-per-connection
        * Bandwidth monitor included
        * Extensive event-driven plugin support (easy to write)

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