• Hi all,
    I configured interface igb1 in my case with ip i also have a dhcp defined for it and it works.
    the server connected on the other side of the cable gets dhcp ip but it's not able to ping the gw:
    Any clue? all traffic is allowed.

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    Any clue? all traffic is allowed.

    No… Show (screenshot) your "all traffic allowed" Firewall Rules ;)

  • same situation - different ip's:

    here are the pics uploaded.

    ping from pfsense ( to esxi doesn't work. direct cable between them. myght be this…still not sure.

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    Your screenshots are completely useless in trying to determine how your connected and what your trying to ping..  You have multiple host nics connected to your vmkern switch?

    What vswitch is pfsense connected too?  Your vmkern?  Why would you set it up like that?  Create a vswitch, connect it to your physical network or other vms, etc..

    Do you have the vmware firewall on or off?  Did you allow for icmp to its vmkern? Trying pinging from your esxi host.. Can you see the macs of the other device?

  • thanks for answering.

    • esxi firewall off
    • i use 1 vswitch in which i connect only 2 active phisicaly adaptors
    • mgmt network connects directly to pfsense (
    • vm's netwrok goes to a phisical switch (which connects to pfsense in anotehr port / different netwrok)
    • ping form vmkernel to pfsense mgmt does'n work.
      will try to change something and update.