Slow interface responce

  • I am running a dual 800 PIII.  Has any one run into extreamy slow interface responce times?  This is like minutes between pages.

  • Something similar happened to me. It seems to be easily reproduced when I go to WAN and click on "Save". When I see "The changes have been applied successfully. You can also monitor the filter reload progress." and click on "monitor", then it becomes very slow to show the monitor page or any other page I want to go to. Even if I do not click on "monitor", I must wait for about 30 secondes before I could get to where I want.

    Sometimes too, the filter monitor seems to get struck on " Obtaining filter status…"...

    Other than that the speed in the interface was fine to me.

    Running latest 1.3 ALPHA-ALPHA on a VA Linux 1221 (Dual P3-1Ghz/1GB ECC SDRAM)


  • Turn off as many of the dashbords as you can.  it speeds it up, with the fewer it has to get status on.

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