• Hi Everybody,
    i'm here because i can't really get out of my problem while configuring my box with the 2 wan connections i have.
    My config is this:
    1 - Wan "classic" connection with ADSL 2+
    2 - USB 3G Modem which acts like a Physical interface (I can configure it as if it was a real lan card).

    I already made the 3 gateway groups:
    1 - Loadbalancing
    2 - 3G Failover
    3 - ADSL Failover

    I created the rules in the LAN section of the firewall, i enabled the option for automatic gateway switch in the "advanced" settings and gave each gateway 2 DNS servers.

    Since last nite it all seemed to work right except for the smtp on port 25 (couldnt send emails). This morning i found the 3G gateway in down state (obviously could be possible), and i thought "Ok, it should work anyway on the ADSL"…..but, the Adsl gateway was up and the only thing working was the VPN (openVPN), which works with the ADSL Interface (Static Public IP).

    I Couldn't surf the web, and all of my web services (I have a pharmacy and the software we use goes out to download updates etc.) couldn't connect.

    • I must say that the web GUI goes real slow or leaves me out since I decided to use the MultiWAN. If i remove the 2nd interface and gateway, everything is ok again.

    Help me please... i can't understand what's happening! Maybe it doesnt switch the firewall rules back to the 1st gateway? or is it a proxy issue? should i modify someth in squid (which is in transparent mode)?


    Matteo (Italy)