Automatic Recovery via USB

  • I have an XG-1540 that I purchased from the pfSense store.

    Unfortunately, I somehow configured access where I have blocked myself from being able to access the GUI.

    I saw this link that says that you can recover a backup via USB.

    For some reason I cannot get it to work despite following the steps outlined.  Maybe I'm missing something.  It's a MS-DOS FAT32 formatted USB drive.  I have created the directory "conf" and placed the config file there.  I renamed the config file to config.xml.

    I turned on the server and nothing happened.  Am I missing something here?

  • Thats for an automatic config restore during install. It automatically restores our config on a fresh install. Rebooting with a backup config on USB will do nothing.

  • Is there a way to store config files on the USB and install them from the console?

    I had to boot into the console with a VGA monitor/keyboard, then had to choose one of my previous 30 backups to use.  I couldn't find the option to look on the USB drive.  Instead, I had to backup from #30 then use the GUI to load up the backup I really wanted.

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    There is no automated way to fetch a config like that from USB.

    It can be done manually, but you'd have to run the proper mount commands by hand. If you search around for something like "pfsense mount msdos config" you should hit a forum thread with the procedure.

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