IP based Routing & VPN Multi-gateway Setup

  • I'm routing all traffic for an internal IP through a VPN gateway, however, I also have a service on that IP that's getting a 403 forbidden when hitting a specific URL/IP on the internet. Is there an easy way to selectively route traffic through another gateway for that one destination IP ? I already have one working rule on the LAN interface to route all traffic through the VPN gateway, when adding a second rule just above that one, for the source internal IP, destination host and gateway (all flags set, sloppy state), the wget (command which I use to test) times out instead of giving me 403?

    I see the TCP:S being passed through the firewall, never do I see the SYNACK.

    I tried https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Asymmetric_Routing_and_Firewall_Rules as well, did not help.

    - Firewall Aliases
       - IP > Add - 
                   Name = 
                   Description = 
                   Type = Host(s)
                   IP or FQDN = (Domain IP Address)
    - Firewall Rules 
       - Lan > Add 
                (Leave everything else as normal except Destination)
                Destination = 
                                     (Single host or Aliases)  /  (Aliases name)
              - Advanced Options 
                 - Gateway  ( Chose WAN interface)


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