New to 1.3 and Feed Back

  • First of all thanks a lot for that excellent tool.

    So after using pfsense for more than 3 years now, I decided to test the 1.3 packages.

    First impression at installation on CF (connected thru CF to sata adapter) : huge installation speed improvment.
    1.2* releases are very long to install on that kind of media (even 1.2.1!) and that is solved with 1.3.

    Second, with this week releases (at least), once the system is installed, I am unable to start the wizzard neither to exit its interface form web. Need to type a known configuration url to exit it.

    Third the gateway management is very good for me ( I got 3 WANs ), once it'll work because today it does not work for me.

    My mains issues are :
      . disable the wizzard (I can't acces the status page)
      . unable to acces interfaces of wan configuration that is not the last configuration one (opt2 for 3Wan, opt1 for 2 wan and wan for one wan) all interfaces lead the the last interface fonciguration interface. I reach the configuration enableing each interface one after the other.
      . gateway managment for static ip is very cool. I would suggest and automated gateway population for dhcp client NICs.
      . then I don't understand very well the default feature in gateway configuration
      . the status of gateway states is kind of erratic.
      . when I configure lan rule to use a gateway or group of gateway, It's not clear it works as it should. I suspect it to be linked to the last point.

    Once again thanks a lot for that big tool, the next release is very promising.


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