How to install FreeBSD ports on PfSense appliance

  • I use several linux flavors but PfSense is my first-and-only contact with FreeBSD. I would like to install some ports which are not available as PfSense packages (primarily Samba, Munin and Nagios). Might a good soul give me some advice on how to go about that?

    • the first question is, does the PfSense admin have root/sudoer privileges to the FreeBSD install?
    • which package manager should be best used?
    • what else must I be aware of in order to avoid doing a mess?
      Thanks in advance!

  • I'm sure more knowledgeable members will chime in but this is a bad idea.  Let pfsense be a firewall - don't try to turn it into a server.  These roles don't mix well for several reasons including security, and potential compatibility issues/conflicts.  I would suggest you use virtual machines or different machines for the other roles.  I would never put SAMBA on a pfSense firewall.

    Just my 2 cents.


  • I take your point and of course you are right. Hence Samba I will cross out!

    But I have noticed that the PfSense appliance sometimes gets very hot. I have mounted it onto a large aluminum plate (and improved the heat transfer with thermal paste), and that helps. But I still would like to monitor the temperature and its relationship with the load. This may be best accomplished by Munin/Nagios.