DNS query refused on wireless NIC, works on wired

  • I have a laptop running Windows 7 that cannot resolve DNS when I am connected to my local network with the wireless NIC.  I am running pfSense 2.3.2 on my router.  If I connect to the same LAN with the wired port it works fine.  I've run Wireshark on both NICs and the DNS queries are identical (as far as I can tell).  They both go to my router.  The router returns the results when it is from the wired NIC and returns a query refused when it is from the wireless port.  They are on the same subnet and all other devices on wireless work correctly with DNS.  Any thoughts?

    Thank you,
    Cameron Mease

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Your saying other wireless clients work to same IP (pfsense) for dns.. But comes back refused when done from this 1 windows 7 client?

    Can you post details showing this..  How are you doing the query?

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