• Hi,

    I have been seeing issues for a while, but just the other day was able to clearly see it happen (no logs yet unfortunately … :() - but I do see dnsmasq randomly exit. A restart of dnsmasq fixes it. I'm on 2.3.2-RELEASE ... have others seen this issue?

    To me it was clear when it happened, as LibreNMS saw all machines on the network go away all of a sudden ... because name resolution (on the intranet) was lost.



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I have not seen nor heard reports of dnsmasq exiting in a couple versions. A few revisions ago there was a problem where it would crash, but has been solved for a while.

    Perhaps you should consider changing to unbound (DNS Resolver) instead? Is there a specific feature of dnsmasq you require?

  • Nope, no specific feature - it was just the default, I left it alone … ;-).

    Based on your comment - I assume that unbound is more reliable?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Must have been around a while, Unbound has been the default since 2.2-RELEASE :-)

    Unbound is, overall, more robust. And it has a lot better diagnostic logging if needed, and a lot of tunables that can help it cope with larger loads if need be.

  • Ya, it has been a while … ;-).

    Will change it over, thanks for the pointers!