• good day mates im new on pfsense and i cant figure out to share my wan internet to my lan interface..need have..much help

  • You might want to mention whether you're talking about IPv4, IPv6 or both.

  • Provide an exact problem description and include your configuration details if anyone has a hope of helping you.

  • im using ipv4
    set nat to auto outbound and dns resolver and still no internet connection on my lan area..tried to use access list but no luck..
    tnx for replying more power

  • i just need to share my wan net to lan(no vlans yet)…can u please give the process of nat and dns resolver or forwarder?tnx in advance

  • i just need to share my wan net to lan

    I'm still not clear on what you mean by this.  You want someone from the Internet to be able to use a service on your LAN?  You want LAN clients to be able to connect to the Internet?  The former needs a port-forward, the latter just works like that out of the box.