Package break every version update

  • From 2.2.6, I moved to 2.3 since layer 7 was removed and rendered useless since nobody maintains it anymore, advised to use snort or suricata instead.

    So I moved to 2.3 now.  Now I have another issues with this 2.3. to 2.3.2 version.  When I installed suricata for the first time on newly formatted pfsense, it will run alright but when the pfsense server restart, it will no longer start running.  I am using suricata for inline IPS.

    On the other hand, turning squid proxy antivirus causes icap protocol error causing no internet display on browser.  Therefore, another package break on squid. It is to be noted that squid proxy with antivirus under version 2.3 or 2.3.1 I guess works.  I have used squid proxy with antivirus for two months.  Just last week, it gave me icap protocol error when I reinstalled the package.

    Light squid is also having installation remarks about no package maintainer.  Perhaps in the very near future this package will also break.

    So my concern is, if this continues and not resolved, then how can we fully make use of pfsense.

    I have time, maybe I can maintain the port but I have little knowledge on porting.  But I believe, this porting has a step by step procedure on how to do on a specific package.  If someone can teach me how to maintain the port, I can give my free time maintaining it for the community.

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