Websense and squid

  • I am trying to install websense onto Pfsense with squid running. I am not sure if anyone else has tyied but I have getting this error when I try to run it

    ./install.sh -is:tmp

    Welcome to the Websense Web Security Suite v6.3 installer.
    mkdir: illegal option – i
    usage: mkdir [-pv] [-m mode] directory_name …
    df: illegal option -- s
    usage: df [-b | -g | -H | -h | -k | -m | -P] [-aciln] [-t type] [file | filesystem …]
    [: -le: unexpected operator
              Temporary directory, -is:tmp
              does not exist and can not be created. The current user may not
              have the necessary permission to write to the directory. Please
              specify another temporary directory with the option -is:tempdir.
              Use the -is:help option for more information.

    Installation ends…


    I am not very good with linux so a point in the right direction would be gr8 thank you.

  • Note: I haven't installed Websense.

    But, are you sure you are using a FreeBSD version of Websense, and not a Linux one?

  • Websense does not support running on FreeBSD.

  • bummer nvm maybe one day

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