A program/addon/tool to show traffic graphs on my desktop 24/7?

  • Is there some manner in which I can keep traffic graphs on my desktop 24/7? Just the graphs? :)

    I just think it would make for a cool desktop background/item.

  • nobody knows? :(

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Use SNMP or a Netflow sever to move the data to another server, there are desktop clients for SNMP and Netflow you could use for monitoring.

    Trying to pull data from the pfSense GUI 24/7 is not a great concept. Either it would have to get the data without being logged in (bad) or it would have to keep you logged in 24/7 (also bad).

    SNMP is made for such polling, and Netflow can work as well if you require IP-level detail and can setup the extra server it needs (outside the firewall).

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