Five ADSL connections with DHCP gateways and DNS servers (2.3.2)

  • I recently designed and ran the WiFi for an event using pfsense as the WAN router and load balancer for 5 ADSL connections.

    I had a couple of issues with pfSense:

    • I initially configured all five ADSL gateways to use PPPoE but realised this would not work as all lines were supplied by the same ISP (so same gateway).  I then changed this so the ADSL modems assigned DHCP addresses to the router, each within it's own subnet.  All five gateways were assigned to an equal priority gateway group with monitor IP addresses set to various free DNS servers on the internet.
      There was a physical line issue with the first ADSL connection which was causing multiple drops and showing packetloss->offline in pfsense.  Every time this happened it would also trigger the other gateways to show packetloss and be marked offline (testing via ping etc from pfsense cmdline showed this not to be true).
      In the end I changed all the gateway interfaces to static IP assignment and everything worked perfectly!  So it would seem that I cannot use DHCP assignment with multiple WAN connections?

    • System->General Setup->DNS Servers:  This was setup to assign each DNS server IP to match the monitor IP set on each gateway.  However, I don't know what would happen if the first four gateways failed as you can only assign DNS servers to four gateways here?

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