Netgate M1n1wall-2D13 Upgrade from Pfsense 2.2.6 to 2.3.x

  • Hello All,

    I'm not sure if what I've done is best practice for upgrading this old hardware to the latest version of PFSense but I thought I'd share since there is a deficit of information out there about how to do this.  The automatic updater that leveraged a repo netgate setup is no longer seeding the latest releases.  I was stuck on 2.2.6 and Netgate support says they don't offer help for the unit any longer.  Netgate recommended a clean install to 2.3.x from their version of 2.2.6 but

    I went into SYSTEM >> FIRMWARE >> UPDATER SETTINGS >> and setup a custom url for :

    Once I saved that I went back to SYSTEM >> FIRMWARE >> AUTO UPDATE >> and it detected the latest version of 2.3.x for me to do the upgrade.

  • It's just a PCengines ALIX 2D13 board in there. Not much horse power and with limited amount of ram. Other than that it's fine.
    You probably don't want to run squid, suricata or snort with that device.

  • Exactly.  It's used for a site to site VPN with a max throughput of 6Mbps required.  It'll do just fine for us until it is completely fried.

    In the interim it's important that the device can get updates for patching security problems.

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