Unbound/DHCPD Do Not Honor Custom Domain Name set in DHCP Server Config

  • Hello pfSense community. I wanted to confirm if the following is a bug or the intended behavior.

    I've added a GUEST network interface and configured its DHCP Server to use a different domain name ("guest"). The system is configured to register DHCP leases with the Unbound DNS Resolver. For simplicity, let's say my default domain name (General Setup) is "bar", e.g., "foo.bar".

    When performing a DNS query (#host foo) against a host in the GUEST network, the expected response is "foo.guest"; I'm seeing "foo.bar" instead.

    Peeking at the Unbound configuration files reveals that the server is responding "correctly" because foo is registered in the /var/unbound/dhcpleases_entries.conf file as "foo.bar" instead of "foo.guest" as expected.

    It seems that when registering the DHCP lease, either Unbound or DHCPD does not respect the Domain Name setting.

    Is there something simple I'm missing here? If this is the intended behavior, can anyone recommend a custom configuration for either dchpd or Unbound to achieve the desired behavior?

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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